Smithfield Sports Centre

4/F to 7/F, Smithfield Municipal Services Building, 12K Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Open time:
Daily 7am to 11pm
Maintenance time:
2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 9am to 3pm


The Sport Centre is equipped with a children's game room American style, a billiard room, a small activity room, a squash room, a table tennis room, an activity room, a dance room, a fitness room, a dance room and a multi-purpose main court. The table tennis room is equipped with 7 tables. In addition, the main multi-purpose court can be used as a basketball/volleyball court or 8 badminton courts. The dance room and activity room are equipped with wall mirrors, handrails, audio equipment and floor mats for group activities. There are three squash rooms that can be used as small activity rooms or table tennis rooms, and they are equipped with mats when used as small activity rooms. The small activity room can be used as a ping pong room and is equipped with a floor mat. There are no lockers in the Sport Centre, so please keep your personal belongings safe.


Ballers by bus can take Citybus No. 1, No. 5, No. 5B, No. 5X, No. 10, No. 43M, No. A10, and NWFB No. 18X, No. 18P, No. 101, No. 113, No. 904, No. 971, which can be boarded at Federal New Building. You can also take Hong Kong District GMB No. 12, No. 13, No. 23, No. 23M, No. 54, No. 54M, No. 54S, No. 58, No. 58A, No. 58M, which can be boarded at Rock Hill Street. MTR Kennedy Town Station Exit A.


Near the Smithfield Sports Centre is the Temple of Master Lu Ban and the Belcher Bay Promenade. The waterfront promenade is very beautiful, and there is a small children's playground at the waterfront where children can play. Adults can sleep on the air beds next to the waterfront to enjoy the sea breeze and the warmth of the sun. A new greenhouse made of glass has been added next to the sea, and it is amazing to see the green leaves surrounding the city. The Lu Ban Temple has a very long history and the traces of its era can be felt in the exterior of the building. Inside the temple, there are statues, and you can feel the care of the craftsmen.