Aberdeen Sports Centre

5/F and 6/F, Aberdeen Municipal Services Building, 203 Aberdeen Main Road
Open time:
Daily 7am to 11pm
Maintenance time:
1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm


The Sport Centre is equipped with a dance room, a multi-purpose squash room, a table tennis room, a multi-purpose activity room, a children's playroom, a fast food kiosk, a fitness room and a multi-purpose main court. The multi-purpose squash room can be used as a small activity room or a table tennis room, and is equipped with mats when used as a small activity room. The multi-purpose activity room is also equipped with mats. There are two dance studios, both with wall mirrors, handrails, audio equipment and floor mats. In addition, the main multi-purpose court can be used as a basketball/volleyball court or four badminton courts. The Sport Centre has 51 lockers on the sixth floor.


Ballers on buses can take Citybus No. 7, A10, 37A, 37B, 37X, 41A, 41P, 48, 70, 71, 71P, 72, 73, 76, 77, 77X, 90B, 93C, 95C, 98, 107, 107P, 170, No. 973, NWFB No. 38, No. 42, No. 42C, No. 78, No. 91, No. 91A, No. 93, No. 93A, No. 94, No. 94A, No. 95, No. 595, No. 970X and No. 971 can be boarded at Yue Fai Road. You can also take Hong Kong District GMB No. 4A, No. 4B, No. 4C, No. 4M, No. 5, No. 27, No. 35M, No. 39C, No. 52, No. 58, No. 58A, No. 59, No. 59A, No. 63, No. 69, No. 69A, No. 69X and get off at Yip Yue Building.


Jumbo Mall is full of shops, and there are noodle shops, dim sum and Sichuan cuisine on the opposite side of the street, so you can go to different places to eat. Two blocks away, you can reach the Tin Hau Temple in Aberdeen, which has a long history and was built in 1851. It was originally built along the coast for fishermen to pray when they go out to sea, but after the reclamation, it is no longer used for this purpose. Those who are interested in Tin Hau Temple can visit the temple to pray for blessings from different deities.