Cheung Chau Sports Centre

3 Cheung Chau Hospital Road adjacent to Cheung Chau Hospital
Open time:
Daily 7am to 11pm
Maintenance time:
1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm


The Sport Centre is equipped with a multi-purpose main court, fitness room, children's playroom, multi-purpose activity room and table tennis room. The main multi-purpose court can provide 2 basketball/volleyball courts/4 badminton courts or 2 gateball courts. The multi-purpose activity room has wall mirrors, railings and audio equipment for dance, martial arts and yoga activities. There are no lockers in the Sport Centre, so please take care of your personal belongings.


Central Outer Line Pier 5


Cheung Chau Sports Centre is close to Cheung Chau Tung Wan Children's Playground and Tung Wan Beach. If you have children, you can go to the playground with them, or go to the beach to play in the water to cool off and build sand castles. There is also a cafe next to the beach, so you can enjoy the sea breeze and have a cup of coffee, afternoon tea or a card game.